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nicole wilson

Portrait + Fashion Photographer

Welcome!! Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Nicole Wilson. I am a Native New Yorker as well as an Award-Winning and internationally published New York City-based photographer. I specialize in portrait, fashion, beauty, headshot,  branding, and celebrity photography. I pride myself on not only delivering a fine art level of photography but also giving my clients a fun, easy, and positive experience from start to finish while are working with me. My clients include everyone from the world's top fashion & entertainment magazines, luxury brands, and celebrities to regular people looking to capture special moments from their lives or create cohesive content for their personal brands.


As one of the fashion and entertainment industry's leading photographers, I have extensive knowledge of fashion, beauty, branding & portrait genres. I am drawn to clean and classic aesthetics (with a twist of Urban flare) and I am passionate about capturing natural beauty, textures, and colors in my body of work.  Each shoot is special to me, and I'm so grateful to do what I love every day!!  

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My Story

I come from a long line of artists, actors, and musicians and grew up in the heart of New York City's Broadway Theater District in the famed creative artists complex, Manhattan Plaza, surrounded by working and celebrated artists of every kind. My father was a Broadway actor, my mother a Psychologist specializing in the emotional lives of artists,  and both my parents placed a high value on the arts as well as exposed me to all manner of them since I was a small child. Because of this creative upbringing which sparked my love affair with the arts that continues to this day, I cultivated not only my love of visual mediums such as photography, fine art, and film but also it's how I developed my strong visual eye, tastes, and sensibilities.

Prior to photography, I worked professionally as a visual artist as well as in the film and entertainment industry, both in front of and behind the camera. As a visual artist, I fell in love with color, composition, and portraiture. From filmmaking, I learned the art of storytelling, lighting, conveying mood and emotion,  location selection, as well as directing, and collaborating with a whole creative team. The combination of these creative backgrounds offered me a unique variety of skillsets that came together auspiciously when I launched my career in photography.


And now, as one of the fashion and entertainment industry's leading photographers and Creative Directors, photography is not only my work but also my passion.

My Clients


I absolutely love working with people of all different kinds, ages, and backgrounds, from actors, models, and celebrities to regular people, and telling their stories as well as capturing them in their best light. My favorite aspect of being a photographer is meeting new people and showing them how beautiful and unique they are through the narrative of photography.

For me, my photography sessions are a chance to get to know my clients, empower them to get comfortable in their own skin, as well as collaborate with them in creating beautiful, timeless, and emotive photos that they will cherish for years to come. 

When I am working as a photographer for a company, brand, or small business, I use strong imagery that paints a clear and cohesive visual representation of that brand and showcases it at its very best. As a Creative Director of my photoshoots, I both direct and design the look of visual campaigns for brands as well as fashion and PR editorials for magazines.

While I am based in New York City and love using its famous sites and urban backdrop as one of the defining characteristics of my work, I am also available for travel and projects around the globe.

Thank you for your interest in my photography and I look forward to working with you.







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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.



580 8th Avenue (Between 38th and 39th Street)
New York, NY, 10018